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Monday, July 09, 2012

An early summer roundup

So I see that tomorrow is the MLB All Star game and that means that summer must be nearly 1/2 over. And I've been a very negligent blogger. Can I tell you that I really don't like Blogger's new look and format? I really don't like it, maybe that's 1 reason I've been so negligent about posting.

But there's other reasons too I suppose. First off, I've been busy with life and the muse seems to be TDY to some far away place. There's also Facebook and many things I might have put here in the past end up there. I've also been laid up with continuing injuries after my car accident back in March, that has kept me sitting in my chair with my foot propped up for long periods. My foot still isn't totally healed and I see the Doctor tomorrow for my other foot that has been in a cast for 2 weeks do I'll be asking him if I need to have another cast put on my right foot to finally get it healed up properly.

Both Sleek Black Beauty and the Kawasaki remain in the shop unridden. With my injuries it has been hard to get out there to work and makes riding out of the question. I'll probably get them put back together this month but I suspect I may not to get to do any riding this summer due to my injuries and finances. We'll see.

I am working and putting in lots of hours which remains a big change from being unemployed for so many months. I did get 5 days off last week since Independence Day fell on Wednesday and I could get 5 days off for just 1 day's vacation time. That time off felt really good and I used 3 of the days to go to Flaming Gorge Reservoir, fishing for Kokanee salmon with my buddy Jim. I haven't had Fish Slayer in the water yet this year so we went with his boat, caught some great fish and generally had a wonderful time on the lake and relaxing at Vacation Inn.

So we are 1/3 the way through July, I'm wearing 1 cast and anticipating wearing another through the end of the month and then the Sister Camp arrives during the first week of August and if all goes well, the BSU and I will be hauling the camper to the Oregon coast for a week. Summer is going by much too fast!